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Class 4


Mrs. Clowes, Mrs. Targett, Ms. Lambert and the children of Class 4 welcome you to our class page.

We use this page to share our fun and exciting learning journey! 

Here's where you'll find class information and photos of what we've been up to.

The Class of 2021-2022

Winter at Whitehall!

Class 4 enjoyed a 'hands on' day at Magna Science Museum

Class 4 enjoyed a really exciting day at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway. What could be better than a ride on a steam train? 

Red Nose Day - the children had lots of fun dressing up, dancing at the disco, designing red noses and listening to Batman present the weekly assembly! "It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.โ€ โ€“ Batman.

Do Something Different Day - Class 4 went for a local walk and looked for green, purple and pink objects.

Mrs Clowes's Classroom Disco

What started as a means to keep us all connected, active and happy during lockdown proved so popular it now has a regular Friday morning slot!  

We all thoroughly enjoyed our 'Clayroom workshop' - the results were amazing! Just look at the robins we made.

Class 4 have decided to help raise money for the Mary Anning Rocks campaign (  The campaign aims to get this remarkable but forgotten woman of science the recognition she deserves by raising enough money to erect a statue for her.

The children have been busy making clay impressions to gain an understanding of how fossils are formed.  We are now selling these at £1 each to raise money for the campaign.  If you would to purchase one and support this worthwhile cause please send your £1 donation into school.

We have been busy making natural clay impressions.

We took part in the #Hellow Yellow Day - we raised ยฃ90 as a school and thought about how we keep ourselves mentally 'Fit and Healthy'

A soggy leavers concert for our Y6 pupils

Thank you to the NSPCC for coming out to our school.

The Children had a fantastic time at White Hall stream scrambling, biking, abseiling and much much more

In science we have been investigating shadows

We have been busy drawing and painting Christmas poinsettias!

Year 3,4,5&6 starred in Sherlock and Cinders for their Christmas Play. Amazing acting and singing especially solos

Welcome to Class 3 2019/2020

The next stage of our mummifying fish - After the pva glue goes on the bandages and is left to dry we then painted our fish

We enjoyed the next step of our mummification... First we stuffed our fish with scented sawdust and tied them together. We then bandaged them and coated them in PVA glue. Now they need to dry. To be continued...

Class 3 brought their Ancient Egyptian topic into the 'after life' by mummifying a fish. To be continued...

What a fantastic day to remember for Year 6 - a leavers' trip to London!

Year 5 and 6 pupils enjoyed a day of 'Humanities' lessons at QEGS. A History lesson on 'The Battle of Britain' concluded with a competition to see whose plane flew the furthest. Great fun!

We enjoyed a clay workshop with sculptor Mrs Crossfield. The clay tiles were based on the designs we saw on our trip to the Potteries Museum in Stoke.

What an exciting and educational day Class 3 had at the Potteries Museum in Stoke.

In Science we investigated the effects of vigorous exercise on our bodies. We recorded our pulse rates at regular intervals and drew line graphs from the data we collected. Phew!


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Go to the gallery page to see more pictures from our Easter Experience visit to Ashbourne Methodist Church.

Class 3's science topic is 'The Circulatory System'. One of our parents, Lisa, is a doctor and she kindly answered children's questions and even brought in stethoscopes for us to use! The pupils enjoyed an interactive heart model on ipads too.

In Science, the children used their maths skills to create line graphs from our investigation data. It's clear to see how different materials performed as thermal insulators!

Class 3 pupils enjoyed a busy World Book Day. They read and wrote entertaining book blurbs, took part in a book swap and of course, dressed up as their favourite book characters too!

How much do you know about purple poppies of remembrance? Class 3 have undertaken research and written explanation reports about them...

Go to the gallery page to see more pictures of Tim and Simon's visit to Clifton with the 2019 Shrovetide balls!

In Science, we investigated which materials make good thermal insulators. Our results were very interesting...

We used thermometers to measure temperatures and recorded the data. Also, we used lenses to make close observations of the different materials.

Go to the gallery page to see more fantastic photographs taken during our residential trip at the White Hall Outdoor Centre in Buxton!

Clifton's Got Talent 2018 KS2 winners! (" 'Av ya got fork 'andles?") Go to the gallery page to see all the fabulous contestants.

Go to the gallery page to see more from our lovely Christingle service.

What a wonderful surprise! Go to the gallery page to see more from our special Christmas visitor... ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผ

Here are some super examples of our Christmas craft work!

Here we are supporting Save the Children by wearing our festive jumpers!

In Science, we used a root tank to observe seeds germinate and then see plants grow. Look at the changes our pictures show!

Class 3 enjoyed an impromptu singalong whilst working today - we're full of Christmas fun this week! ๐ŸŽ„

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We've made Eco calendars for 2019: we recycled newspaper and used other scraps of unwanted paper too. The results are great!

Here's another Eco fundraising activity that we have thoroughly enjoyed: making Christmas tree decorations from pine cones and twigs that have fallen from trees. Lots of fun and fantastic red nosed reindeer results too!

Clifton pupils love Eco activities! Here we are making bird feeders for winter from pine cones found in the garden. The feeders will be on sale at our Christmas Fair on 30th November: fun and Eco fundraising for our school!

What a fantastic day we had visiting the IWMN and the Blue Peter Garden- a quick โ€˜Pudsyโ€™ photo too!

Here are some of our super Science homework projects on display in the classroom!

Freestyle Day was great fun: the perfect way to end a busy half term!

In Science we dissected flowers and used viewing lenses to observe them closely. Can you identify their different parts?

Wow!! The Coco de Mer tree produces the WORLD'S LARGEST SEED. Miss Targett brought this example into school to show us.

In Science, we researched the cycle of complete metamorphosis. Here are some examples of how we presented the information.

Our Worship themes are: generosity, compassion, courage, forgiveness, friendship and respect. Read these inspirational quotations about our themes...

In Science we're learning about Life Cycles. Here are some examples of super work: we researched the life stages of frogs and presented the information in different ways.

In Geography we are learning about mountains. We used water colours to paint mountain landscapes and created this lovely display in our classroom.

Godly Play - Class 3 really enjoyed our Godly Play session. We were thinking about The Ten Commandments and how they are important in our lives today.

Go to the sports page to view more photographs from Clifton's cross country experience!

Go to the sports page to see more pictures from the Year 5/6 football tournament!

Competition: who could build the tallest tower to support King Kong for at least 20 seconds?

Prize winners: this tower measured 2.15m and was strong enough to support King Kong easily!

In our Science work on forces, we made models that use pulleys to make the acrobat somersault!

Year 4 and 5 pupils did a great job at the rounders tournament! They played two close matches and demonstrated excellent batting and fielding skills. Best of all, everyone had lots of fun. Well done team Clifton!

Mrs Gadsby has retired! Go to the Gallery page for all the lovely photos of our goodbyes. . .

In Science we made models that use an elastic band to represent gravity. May the force be with you!

Year 5/6 Kwik Cricket Tournament. Both teams won both games and were exemplary sportsmen. Well done!

Eleanor and Georgia enjoyed a summer snooze in between matches!

In Science, when vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are mixed, why does the canister lid POP? (Clue - notice the fizzing... What's going on?)

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We practised our โ€˜over armโ€™ bowling at Clifton Cricket Club.

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In Science, why does the Coca Cola erupt out of the bottle? (Clue - think about the properties of the carbon dioxide gas...)

In Science we mixed plaster powder with water to make a new solid plaster material. We noticed that the chemical reaction caused the plaster to be warm -fascinating!

Everyone enjoyed our "bike day" and learnt lots of new skills.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! We really enjoyed taking part in an Eco workshop with Emma, a Derbyshire Waste Education officer. We learnt lots of new things about waste.

We experienced the scent of landfill!

Here's a rotting waste timeline...

Emma gave everyone a pencil made from recycled newspaper!

Pupils at rounders club have enjoyed two successive sunny Thursdays... No sign of rain - it's worth a mention!

In Science we have separated salt from a solution by evaporating water. Some of our results are amazing! What do you notice?

We enjoyed our Diamond Cricket and team games in the sun!

In Science we've been investigating whether different solid materials are soluble or insoluble. We had lots of fun... and didn't make too much mess!

Class 3 have written a variety of fabulously creative poems about Easter: haiku, acrostic and kennings. We enjoyed listening to some of them at our Easter service!

Well done children - we had a great day at the QEGS Art Festival!

We had a great day creating our 'Tie Dyed' t-shirts! Our costumes will look amazing next week.

We had a fantastic time on our first Y4/5 residential. Mount Cook was a huge hit! We were brave, independent, caring and supportive.

Lovely ' Thank You' letters and pictures for Mount Cook.


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We are proud to be an Eco school, so the snow and rain didn't stop us doing our bit to support Keep Britain Tidy's campaign. Eco heroes!

We've had a creative start to our new topic World War 2.

This is us working really hard on our reports about endangered animals.

Our amazing Mary Rose homework projects. Well done!

We finished off our Science topic about Earth and Space with a trip to the National Space Centre. It was a brilliant day!


We have spaces in some year groups. If you would like to visit the school please phone 01335 342473.