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Class 1 - EYFS

Class 1


Miss Firth, Mrs Leiper, Miss Foster and the children of Class 1 welcome you to our class page.

Here you will find our class information and photographs of how we learn through carefully planned play. Come and take a look at our exciting learning journey! 

EYFS 2023-2024


Artist Study: Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

Purple Mash

We have now received our brand new i-pads. We learnt how to login and logout safely then we created our very own avatars to look like ourselves. After that we used the paint programme to create pictures of flowers for our Spring topic and we explored mini mash. 

Keeping healthy

We have been learning about the importance of keeping healthy in PSHE. We talked about eating a balanced diet and exercising. We carried out a science experiment to learn how important washing our hands is, and we found out that soap helps to wash the germs away. In PE we observed our heart rates before and after exercise and we had fun with a balloon manipulating it around our bodies and throwing and catching ,which we then swapped to a ball the following lesson. We also found out about how important sleep is for our health.

Independent maths learning- Doubles, Odd and Even and Measuring

World Book Day 2024

We just love reading in Class 1!

Spring on the Farm

We have noticed signs of Spring around our school. After a Spring walk we learnt about the parts of a plant and painted pictures of daffodils and other flowering plants. We found out that Spring is a time where many animals have babies. We learnt the names of farm animals and their young and we even saw a mummy sheep give birth to triplets on a visit to a local farm. 

The Easter Story

Peak Wildlife Park

Class 1 had a wonderful time at Peak Wildlife Park. We saw lots of amazing animals including the polar bear family who are new to the park. We listened to talks from the keepers about the polar bears, lemurs and wallabies. What a fantastic day we had! 

Mother's Day 2024

What a lovely service we had at Holy Trinity Church today for Mother's Day! We sang them a special song to say thank you for all that they do for us each and every day.

The Gingerbread Man- Talk for writing

We have enjoyed our Talk for Writing unit on the traditional Tale of The Gingerbread Man. We acted out the story with puppets and retold it many times using actions. Then Year 1 innovated the story by changing some of the characters and wrote a new version of the story. Reception enjoyed building bridges to help the Gingerbread Man to cross the river at the end of the story.

Chinese New Year 2024- The Year of the Dragon