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Class 1 - Reception & Year 1

Class 1


Miss. Musgrove, Mrs. Leiper, Miss. Spanner and the children of Class 1 welcome you to our class page.

We use this page to share our fun and exciting learning journey! 

Here's where you'll find class information and photos of what we've been up to.

The children decorated Easter bonnets and wore these to perform their song at the Easter Service in church

World Book Day 2022

We retold the Nativity story

Christmas Crafts 2021

Remember Remember, the 5th of November...We have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot in our history topic.

It was great fun taking our Guy Fawkes to Forest School for our very own Bonfire Night celebration with popcorn, marshmallows and sparklers!


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Special Places - we have been talking about our special places in RE.

Our tour of Holy Trinity Church - Thank you Mr Warner for teaching us about all the important parts of a Church.

Our Clifton Village "I Spy" Walk

We loved the story Ruby Nettleship and the Ice Lolly Adventure by Thomas Docherty and got some great ideas to design and make our own playgrounds.

Welcome to our wonderful Reception children 2021.

Printing patterns using fruits, vegetables, leaves and flowers.

During the spring term we have been observing seeds growing. We were surprised to see how quickly bean seeds grew into beanstalks.

Easter Time

We designed and made a new home for The Old Woman That Lives in a Shoe.

Learning about Chinese New Year

We've had a lovely time preparing for Christmas. The staff in Class 1 would like to thank you for all the kind messages, cards and gifts that we have received. Have a Happy Christmas Class 1!

Christmas in Class 1

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Our Class 1 Christmas Play "A Little Nativity"

Our Christmas Post Office

In Science we have been learning about the changing seasons and how animals survive through the winter. We all helped to set up our new hedgehog hibernation box in the conservation area.

Autumn Term Classroom Displays

Learning through roleplay

Our Portraits inspired by Picasso and Andy Warhol

Being active outdoors and making new friends

We enjoyed listening to The Colour Monster story. Reception have created their own colour monsters. Can you guess how they are feeling?

We are wearing yellow for World Mental Health Day #HelloYellow

Fruit and Vegetable Tasting - the children in Class 1 challenged themselves to try a range of fruit and veg. There were lots of funny faces and some excellent use of vocabulary.

World Book Day 2020

Our Royal Tea Party - we celebrated the end of our Kings and Queens topic with singing, dancing, parlour games and a nice cup of tea.

Investigating Materials

The children have been answering questions in Science linked to our shared text studies in English.

Can you build a strong bridge for the goats to cross the river?

Which objects could the Big Bad Wolf huff and puff?

How many pieces of tissue paper do I need to make a comfy bed for a princess?

Which material would make the best crash mat for Humpty?

Tamworth Castle - we enjoyed exploring the Tudor and Victorian rooms

Spring 1 2020 Newsletter

Christmas Crafts

Counting down to Christmas - we all added something to the food bank box during our 'reverse advent'

2019 Christmas Trip to Conkers. A fantastic day meeting Santa and Jingles the Elf.

Hibernating Hedgehogs

In science we have been learning about how the changing seasons affects our local wildlife. Today we listened to a story about hibernation then we worked together to make warm, waterproof hedgehog homes.

We tested our homes by putting hot water bottle hedgehogs inside. We kept one hedgehog outside the nests to make a comparison. After break time we checked our hedgehogs and discovered that the ones in nests had slightly warmer tummies than the hedgehog without a nest. We're hoping that some real hedgehogs move into our nests soon!

Well done Class 1! Super singing, dancing and acting in our KS1 Christmas production A Little Bird Told Me.

Firework Dance

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Look out for our tuck, twist and star jumps included in our routine.

The Gunpowder Plot performed by Year 1

Autumn 2 2019 Newsletter

When was our school built? How did The Cock Inn get its name? Where is the downards Shrovetide goal? We learnt a lot about Clifton Village during our guided tour led by Class 2.

Fun in the Forest

Class 1 have been exploring the woodland environment during their Forest School sessions.

We visited our local playground and Year 1 investigated how the playground equipment had been made as part of their Design and Technology work.

We all set sail on our journey together. Class 1 2019/20.

Autumn 1 2019 Newsletter

Class 1 Timetable 2019/20

Forest School - We found forest treasures, hid them in the woods and drew maps for our friends to find the buried treasure just like real pirates!

We are learning how to make healthy snacks in D&T. These are our stuffed pepper boats.

Role play in the Beach Shop

Our visit to Sharkbait Reef Aquarium

Summer 2 2019 Newsletter

A Viking Feast

We enjoyed a Viking feast to celebrate the end of our topic. First we found out about the foods Vikings ate, then worked together to churn our own butter and bake bread following an old Viking recipe.

First we took turns to shake cream into butter.

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Next we followed the Viking bread recipe.

Finally we served our bread and butter with honey and berries - a favourite Viking treat.

Here we are preparing the raised beds for planting. Everybody helped to clear the weeds and dig in new compost.

Viking Longboat Collage

We had fun experimenting with different printing techniques to create textured papers for our collage art project.

Look at our wonderful work!

How to trap a dragon...

Today we have been thinking of ways to trap a dragon as part of our English work on writing instructions. Reception worked brilliantly together to come up with some great ideas and acted them out.



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We've made a great start on our Vikings and Dragons topic by transforming our home corner into a Viking longhouse.

Summer 1 2019 Newsletter

Year 1 will learn to use precursive letter formation to prepare them for joining their handwriting in Year 2.

Forest School - we had a great time making fairy houses using materials from the wood.

Budding Bricklayers! We made pretend cement then had a go at creating our own brick walls.

Spring Term 2 2019 Newsletter

Visiting a Buddhist shrine at the Tara Kadampa Meditation Centre

Kung Hei Fat Choi! We celebrated Chinese New Year in Class 1

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We all helped to make vegetable stir fry, noodles and dumplings.

We took the Chopstick Challenge and practised writing Chinese numbers.

We followed the Pearl of Wisdom and created our own dragon dances.


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Year 1 have designed their own Chinese Dragon Stick Puppets

We loved finding out about the Giant Panda. We made a habitat using collage and natural objects.

Spring term 1 2019 Newsletter

2018 Christmas Trip to Santa's Winter Wonderland